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Hi Akanksha..Has Yoga helped you control the PCOD?

Yoga actually brought my Weight back to normal and I think that helped me eventually get rid of PCOD. Though I also believe that it never goes completely as even in my pregnancy I had a few small harmless cysts somewhere in my ovaries or so...!
Actually yoga also reduced my other symptoms / side effects of PCOD like mood swings, abnormal menstruation etc...!

Dear Smita Ma'am

Thank you again, Smita, for this program. It is the third time I am doing it, and I wanted to do it this time for the overall experience, positive energy and healthy lifestyle. Even though I have been following the principles since I started it two and a half years ago, this time has given me a renewed push. I am hoping to follow/continue the diet and exercise plan all through the summer months. And thank you, Smita and others, for ending the program today with such a warmly-prepared meal and for the good cheer!

Once again, I cannot praise this program enough for all that it has given me and so many others. A huge congratulations to everyone else in the program - old timers and also new friends that I have made. To all those who have lost so much weight and changed their habits, my admiration. And also thank you for motivating me.

Please let's keep in touch. I am sure we will do another program together with Smita maám, and that most of all, we continue the program in our daily lives.

With love and best wishes, Selina

Hello Mam

The best way to lose weight, is to loose wisely and sensibly!!! That’s what I have learnt from this weight loss program organized by you thereby proving the famous quote “Eat Wise, drop a Size” correct.

This is for the first time I have enrolled myself for any yoga classes and any kind of a weight loss program. Before joining this Weight Loss Program, I was bit apprehensive & hesitant, for the reason that I had been a constant believer of the fact that a weight could only be loose through gym and continuous diet plan and that too after following rigorously for several months. So I started this program with a target of loosing 5 kgs in a month. I would mention herein itself that I took the said figure of 5 kgs randomly and that too on a higher side.

After joining the weight loss program which started from 22.02.2015, I tried to follow the instructions religiously given by you with respect to the diet along with the yoga exercises. After a period of one week and following the said schedule instructed by you, I checked my weight and was shocked to see that I lost 2.5 kg within a period of just one week only with not much effort and by just improving my eating habits and bringing discipline with respect to the timings of eating right food at the right time supported by regular yoga exercise. The said result within a week’s period was in itself sufficient to change my entire thought process and inspired me to continue with more dedication and effort for the remaining 3 weeks. I continued the program and lost a total weight of 7.2 Kgs…J, in a span of just one month only with improved metabolism, which was much above my expectations, of what I dreamt off.

I feel lucky and grateful to be part of such wonderful program with a mentor like you as the time spent in the said program was the most enriching &, inspiring experience of my life, and I also love to thank all other members who participated in the said program for creating such a brilliant and pleasant atmosphere. My special thanks to my buddy Mr. Rajiv Mishra also, who was made my buddy as a part of the program for instructing me and also to keep a strict eye on me in order to ensure that I am following the schedule given by you.

Thanks a Lot Mam for giving me an honest advice and removing all my myth and misconceptions about the process for loosing weight.

Before signing off, just want to quote famous saying "Eat right and the Pants won't be tight"...J. That's how the situation is...J.

Looking forward for more such experiences and weight loss programs.


Anshum Jain

Dear Smita,

There is so much to think and say that I don't know where to begin! My mind and heart are full; my mind with all the things I have learnt and my heart of gratitude to you for teaching me with so much love, patience and encouragement. If someone were to ask me what were the most important things I took away from the course, they are a tremendous feeling of empowerment and of awareness. I can honestly say that in my long life, I have not often felt this sense of excitement. I am empowered because I have gained so much valuable knowledge, and am now aware of what I can do about it.

I have never needed to lose weight. All my adult life, I have maintained a steady weight and stayed slim through some exercise, work and good eating habits. However, my self-control took a back seat about a year ago and I let go. The gradually increasing kilos weighed me down so badly. But now I know I need never be in that situation again because I have changed. I will never be the same again, and I am very happy about it!

Yesterday, I tried on the trousers I had given up on. They fitted me perfectly, and I walked down to a friend's house to show off my new self! Yesterday I also thought I would break a few rules, and give myself that one day in the week when we can eat whatever we like. But all the remembered, familiar tastes that I so enjoyed till a month ago had changed! I could not enjoy any of it! I wondered how I had ever liked them. I then tried a cup of my favorite tulsi tea. I could not drink it, let alone enjoy it. How had I been so addicted to it? It tasted like ditchwater! I tried drinking some water at room temperature. It tasted alien. Where was my hot water?

How did you change me so much? What did you do? The programme was so simple to follow and so enjoyable. I only had to obey you. It challenged so many ideas I had. What a life-changing experience! I feel almost like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, reborn and recharged.

Thank you for your unparalleled gift of knowledge. Thank you for encouraging me all along and for being there for me. Thank you for your frequent explanatory emails that satisfied my scientific, questioning mind. Most of all, thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new way of being and living. You have given me a priceless treasure and my gratitude cannot be expressed in words.

God bless you, Smita! May you continue to bring joy to the world!



Dear M’am,

They say, old habits die hard. Thanks to the weight loss program so well directed by you, it took me just one month to kill most of the bad ones and adopt all the good ones. The result is there for everybody to see. I lost 7 kgs from 85 to 78. My waistline has reduced from 37 to 34 inches. My double chin has almost vanished. There is a tautness in my face I always dreamt of. Thighs, hips have all reduced. Old tight jeans thrown away in some corner of the wardrobe have come back into fashion. Now I like to wear what clings to my body. More importantly there is greater strength in my arms and legs. I can now easily move heavy furniture, quickly run up a flight of stairs and do my asanas with increased flexibility. For someone who turns 47 next month and is nursing a heart damaged from hypertension, I could not have asked for more.

M’am you asked me what I did apart from the instructions laid down in the program. Well, as I said nothing except that I enjoyed the program, the experience and the painful pleasure of exercises. As days went by I realized that the program is teaching me a way of life, which is not at all difficult to follow. An hour of body strengthening yoga asanas every morning is no big deal especially if it is followed by a filling meal of dal, roti and sabji taken at 9 in the morning. Fruits are so enjoyable to eat at 1 in the afternoon especially if taken with a bit of thin curd. And at6 pm, the famished body is treated to our very Indian meal of roti and SUNji curry.

Well to say that everything was easy would be exaggerating. I did draw upon my will power to forsake tea/coffee and other beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Ice-creams were banished from the sight and so were ladoos, gulab-jamun, burfis and jelabis. Cookies and namkins remained untouched in the jars and, as they went stale, were thrown out. The urge for non-veg food was restrained and now it is just not existent. My new beverage was ginger boiled in hot water and taken with honey and lemon. I have now developed a taste for that. But my most supportive ally was warm water. Whenever I would feel hungry, mostly imaginary, a few sips of warm water were enough to distract me from gorging on the ‘in-betweens’.

Sometime last week I had expressed my apprehension to you on whether I would be able to take way the good habits learnt from the programme. And you had said, ‘if you love your body you will’. Your reply has made such a tremendous impact on me that I feel confident of pursuing a balanced life style of good nutritious diet and challenging exercises, as you have urged us to adopt. Once a week exception would add to the balance.

Thank you M’am for telling us the wonderful things we can do with ourselves. I have indeed emerged a more confident person from the program.



I have so much to say and write but im unable to find suitable words to thank you and cant express my feelings for what you have done for me and changed my life….I found a very good friend in you apart from my yoga teacher…

This weight loss programme has given a gift to me which I never thought I would have ever got…I always had a mind set as I had put on so much of weight and I would not be back to my shape….But nothing is impossible and our yoga teacher has rightly said… She is real guru and good friend who always supported us in our tough time during our weight loss programme… Because of her motivating mails and her one on one concern and discussion with each one of us we could do it…We had a great time during our classes and would never forget the experience and enjoyment we had during our classes… Infact I use to wait for the day on which our classes were scheduled … I completely surrendered to what my yoga teacher said as I had complete faith in her that she is our well wisher….(as we use to do when we were young at school and our teachers use to guide us)

My weight was 76.5 kgs when I joined weight loss programme on 20thof March and by the time we completed our 10 classes by 24thApril I lost 8.5 kgs and came down to 68 kgs…. Till date I am continuing with my regular classes and have lost 2 more kgs weight .Apart from weight loss my focus at work and at home has improved… I feel confident when I carry myself in lighter weight. My visit to the doctor has taken a backseat

Yoga has reduced stress and it allowed me to take a break from my busy lifestyle. This brief rest from the hustle and bustle of life can permit you to take a moment and reevaluate your lifestyle choices.To all of whose who are tried every thing for weight loss and are frustrated my kind suggestion to them is please join yoga and feel the difference which is my personal experience in the last 6 months… It’s a wonderful feeling when you do it…People I meet are very curious to know how have I lost so much of weight .
Special thanks to Rachna Srivastava whom I met last year and she motivating me to join yoga classes… Looking forward to join for the next weight loss programme…soon We all love you a lot …..Lots of warm regards Aboli Deshpande Dear ma'am

This is just to express my deep sense of gratitude for your having so ably guided me through the programme which enabled me to rediscover my fitter self . It was because of your constant nudging and inspiration that I pushed myself to explore more and attain greater flexibility . It was a beautiful experience which has , and I can perceive this in all of us , contributed immensely to the group s happiness quotient !!

Thanks so much,

Dear Madam

If I look back, past in times, struggling with various pains and of course the weight, my meeting with you has changed my life, my attitude towards my own body. Thank you very much madam, for making me aware of my own strength. I am grateful to you for your constant encouragement, every time when I fail to lift my feet (may be my mental block and not the weight or the strength in my arms) during shoulder stand or praising some position during surya namaskar or helping me with additional exercises to overcome the aggravated shoulder. This weightloss programme has not only made me loose 5 KGs of weight, but also got me rid of bad habbits.

With regards Rachn Srivastava

Dear Smita,

I was fascinated by the weight-loss achieved by students in your various weight-loss programs and often wondered if your program will help me as I have been physically active,practically all my life, including 3-5 km run about 3 times a week and about 200 sit-ups and the works!I am amazed at not only the quantum of weight-loss but also its speed.I lost 5 kg by the 4th week of the program and I was not able to fully comply with the program coz of my tours and other inextricable engagements.This is not all.The inch loss achieved by me,and I am sure all others in the program,is even more exhilarating.Dropping 2 sizes in jeans/pants/trousers is no mean achievement and that too in 4-5 weeks.The compliments that I have been getting from colleagues and friends everyday is quite stimulating.It has also sensitized me about food and I feel I have greater control over myself.I look forward to your next weight-loss program.And thanks a lot for whatever I have achieved.


Dear madam,

I still remember the conversation we had about this programme over phoneand I mentioned that the fee was too steep for just 10 classes.You told me that the fee is nothing compared to the benefitsIwouldbe getting from the programe. Y ou were right ,at the end of the programe, I have managed to lose 6 kgs which I initially thought was impossible as I have been weighing 73 kgs for the last many years. Apart from the exercises which will continue to stay with me,this programe has alsomanaged to change the unhealthy lifestyle I was leading.It has taught me patience and the will power to abstain from all things unhealthy.Imagine not having my favourite tea, snacks ,chicken or fish for a month. At the end of this programe, these things do not seem to matter to me anymore. Moreover, I havebeen tryingand will continue to try to inculcate the healthy habits that I have learnt from this prog. to my near and dear ones.I will surely continue with the exercises, drink lots of water and stick to the meal timings. Thank you so muchfor all the efforts you have made to help us lose those stubborn weight and for helping us have a positive and healthieroutlook.Thank you once again Smita, you were wonderful. mingam

Dear Ma'am

How does one say 'thank you' for the gift of health... for clear days, for happiness, joy or love?Because words alone can not express my feelings. " THANKS A MILLION". for being so wonderful., encouraging and motivating. We have only one life to live, and in the past one month all of us have realized that we are responsible for what we are and what our children will be.Thank you for making me aware of my own determination , stamina and capability and introducing me to a healthy lifestyle, good eating habits not only for myself but also for my dear ones around me. Needless to mention that after losing so much weight , there is such a nice feeling of self confidence and good health.

Shall revert back soon on joining the regular yoga classes along with family.

With love and regards,

Hey Smita,

I started with a weight of 94kg and ended the program with a weight of 87kg. After continuing the exercising at home and in college I am currently 82kgs. The program taught me
a. Self control which i never thought i could do.
b. Built confidence in myself.
c. Sharpness and presence of mind
d. Built my patience
e. Helped lower my BP
f. Improved my agility

The program was enlightening program as it taught us things that we did not know about myself. The course was taught in a very friendly and amicable manner which helped in motivating us. Everyone was give personal attention which made the learning experience worthwhile. The group discussion at the end helped in instilling self confidence and made us believe in our selves which was very necessary to achieve results.I had wanted to continue the programme but unfortunately I had to move to Chennai to pursue my MBA.I have been able lose even more weight(now I am 82kgs) mainly due to the diet(South Indian food) here and I some times get to play basketball and swim. Unfortunately have lost touch with yoga due to erratic schedule . Please advise me on the same and what all exercises can I do control my stress and lower my blood pressure ?
Hope you're doing well!

Faiz Raza

Dear Madam,

I joined your yoga class in June 2010 and since then i have been practising yoga regularly. After few months, i joined the weight loss programme while continuing my regular yoga classes.When the programme started, my weight was 79 Kgs. I reduced my weight by 6 kgs by the end of the programme.

In fact, only after the weight loss programme my body became more flexible and i could able to do yoga postures with ease.
The weight reduction and regular practice of yoga brought my sugar level to normal without the intake of medicine.
Earlier i was taking medicines for diabetes for about a year.

At present, my weight is around 74 Kgs, which i have gained over a period of time due to my faulty food habits.I am trying to bring back my routine food habits alongwith regular yoga exercises.

I thank you once again for your dedication, devotion and determination in conducting the yoga classes for more than a year.

Thanks and Regards

Dear Smita,

i m fine. love and miss u as always. U inspired me. when i joined i had no hopes of loosing wt frankly. when i left i was a new Positive Kishori, who has had a lifestyle changed in her. i lost arnd 8 kgs by now. i m 50kg at present. ''Sab tumhare Saath ka asar hai warna mai to wahi hu''.....

Of late i have not been regular becouse my work (duties towards all at home) keeps me absorbed. Ur instructions are always correcting me silently. I always wish to join and learn more and more from u. Very soon. Glad i met u in my journey of life.........
Kishori. Dear Smita Ma'am
when I joined the classes my weight was 59.5 kgs and after yoga classes my weight was 55 kgs. I reduced 4.5 kgs during yoga classes. And because of the program I'm able to control my eating habbits which is helping me a lot.
Kamalpreet Kaur

Dear Smita,

Thank you so much for this wonderful 4-week yoga and weight loss detox program (September 1-30, 2012). I lost 10 kgs in this time and discovered a much healthier lifestyle with the exercise and diet prescribed. I quickly adapted to the meal timings and rules of the program and felt a lot more energetic.

I feel this program is not just a month-long one, but a course to follow throughout life. The daily exercises, Monday fruit fast and Friday kriya can easily fit into one’s normal routine.

I’m going to continue the program exactly as it is for another month (October 2012) and thereafter maintain what I have learnt from it.

Thank you not only for the program but for the tremendous guidance, dedication and positive energy I and the others received from you.

I hope to enrol whenever you conduct this program again and would suggest the same to all those interested in a healthy lifestyle.

With love and best wishes always,
Selina Sheth

Dear Ma'am,

Thank you very muchfor being my Guru, I am glad that I have Guru like you in my life. What I learn from you I will never forget.

For me weight loss programme is very important because I am going to marry in November till that time I want to be slim want to reduce more and more weight,

And I am very happy with my body after joining your programme, it’s not only about body it’s about inner feeling, about my soul, how much relaxed I am after your classes.

I am feeling like I am somewhere near to God. I lost in kgs as well as in inches and very much happy what I am right now.
I need your blessings in my entire life and guidance for being fit and healthy.

i love u a lot maam and i dont want to go away from you, be with me as my Guru till i am alive, want learn more and more from you.

Thanks & Regards

Chanchal Bhat

Joining weightloss programme has changed my eating habits a lot. Now I don’t feel like eating junk with my friends or family. This was my second weight loss programme. In first one, I lost 5 kgs and now I lost 4.5 kgs. So from 60, I have reduced to 51 kgs in two weight loss programs. Thank you Ma’am for your motivation.

This is my first yoga programme. I lost 7.5 kgs. The diet plan worked well for me.. I feel fully detoxified. The first day of the class. I was totally down with body pain. But slowly and gradually my stamina increased and practice became easy. I am grateful to you to help me in this manner and hope to keep losing more weight.
Raynil John

Dear Smita
After joining the weight loss programme, I have seen a dramatic change in me. I have more stamina. My family is also very happy. Thanks a lot.
Shyamalima Baruah

Dear Smita Madam,

For the last 18 days, I am practicing yoga with you. My body is feeling like a feather. Whole day, I feel happy and relaxed. Every night when I go to bed, I look forward to attend the morning yoga session. Smita you are my first and best yoga teacher. I am enjoying with you. God bless you.

I sincerely wanted to lose weight and this programme helped me a lot. In the first week, it was difficult as the diet was regulated but second week onwards, it worked and the motivation was only to lose weight. I am toned and energetic now after losing 5 kgs in these 10 classes over a month. I am extremely happy and thankful to Smita for introducing me to this programme. Thank you.

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