Trainer, Aman Juneja

I did my Yoga Teacher’s Training course from Neyyar Dam, Kerala in March 2016. I am a Ayush certified yoga teacher. To me yoga is not just about practising asanas. It not just touches the physical aspect of our personality but reaches to the depths of our inner being. This realization goes on increasing as I practice yoga each day. IT consultant by profession, and a yoga enthusiast and a teacher by interest, I firmly believe that yoga is need of the hour for each one of us. Having experienced the ups and downs of daily life - there arose a strong need of finding the right balance in life and yoga was the solution. It's been more than two years since the priceless gift of yoga came into my life and since then it has been helping me in attaining a right harmony amidst the vicissitudes of life. Having experienced the benefits of yoga myself, I strongly feel the need to share what I have learnt.