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Proper Excercise - Asanas

Health is a state wherein all organs function well under the intelligent control of mind. Yoga exercises are called ‘Asanas’ which mean steady pose. Asanas are designed to develop the body and they broaden the mental faculties. They work on the internal machinery of the body, the glands and the organs as well as the muscles. They effect the deeper and more subtle parts of the body. The ordinary physical exercise emphasizes violent movement of the muscles. It leaves the body exhausted as large quantity of Lactic acid is produced during the physical exercise. In the Yoga asanas , the lactic acid which is produced gets neutralized by the inhalation of oxygen (deep breathing). Thus the body feels fresh and rejuvenated after practicing yoga. With the regular practice of yoga, the practitioner builds strength, stamina and gains more flexibility. The spinal column houses the all- important nervous system. By maintaining the spine’s flexibility and strength through yoga, the nerves are ensured their supply of blood and oxygen. One hour of practice gives one hour of exercise, one hour of deep breathing, one hour of deep relaxation and one hour of meditation through developing the concentration powers while holding a posture. Hatha yoga, of which asanas are one limb, is the practical approach to raja yoga.