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What Is Yoga?


Yoga is an ancient Indian science, which leads to healthy & a disease free body, peaceful mind, joyous heart and liberated soul. With the proper breathing techniques, we increase the oxygen supply to each cell and organ of the body which increases the overall health of the body.

Yoga is not only one of the fastest growing health practices in the world but also an essential part of spa menus across the world today.

 In simple words, yoga means the practice of asana(exercise) and pranayama( breathing ).

 The four main paths of yoga are

  •  Raja yoga(yoga of self control)
  •  Karma Yoga (yoga of selfless service)
  •  Bhakti yoga(yoga of devotion)
  •  Jnana yoga(yoga of mind)

  •  Raja Yoga is the scientific approach to yoga. It helps to bring the mind under control and to achieve higher states of consciousness. Its practices can be divided into eight limbs. The essence being

    •   Yama (abstention- Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Brahamacharya, Aparigraha)
    •    Niyama (Observances-Saucha, Santosha, Tapas, Swadhyaya, Ishvarapranidhana)
    •    Asana(the gentle exercise),
    •    Pranayama(the breathing methods),
    •    Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses
    •    Dharana(concentration) ,
    •    Dhyana(meditation) and
    •   Samadhi(the super-conscious state).

    Asana and Pranayama are only the two techniques of hatha yoga . Hatha yoga begins with the physical body. By gaining control of the physical, we try to gain control of the prana and by controlling the prana, one gains control of the mind. As we go deeper into yoga, we find that it teaches that mind is only the body’s finer part and both interact and each acts upon the other.

    Asana and pranayama make a person immune to diseases. One who practices yoga regularly stays away from illness and attains the much desired peace of mind. A person becomes physically strong and energetic.

    Bhakti Yoga (singing in praise of God ) and meditation have a direct effect on a person’s mind, hence a faster approach to a stress-free and a peaceful mind, thereby a good overall health.

    Yoga restores the balance of the mind and body matrix. It improves blood and lymphatic fluid circulation thus wading off stress, releasing blocked energy, removing toxins and rejuvenating the mind, body and soul. Yoga reduces the stress levels . It helps fight overweight and underweight problems, anaemia, migraine, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain,  gout and arthritis, osteoporosis, spondilytis, back ache, asthma, skin and nerve disorders, cancer,

    Parkinson’s, impotence, infertility and many other conditions.