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Weight Loss Yoga


We conduct special workshops on yoga for weight loss. It is a safe and systematic way to lose

weight gently. It does not involve any use of external methods like needles and vibrators. We have  been conducting  weight loss programmes based on yoga for the past three years with excellent results. People have lost between five and nine kilos during this programme, and continued to lose or maintain their weight weeks, months and even years after the programme.

The programme is based on Swami Vishundevananda’s five principles of yoga – proper exercise, breathing, relaxation, diet and positive thinking and meditation. Students are taught to change their lifestyle  that gives health to the body,  peace to the mind and a  desired body.

The program is designed with specific asanas, pranayama, and their variations for weight loss,
with emphasis on repetitions and relaxation . This program is aimed not only at weight loss. It has added benefits like increased immunity , stamina & flexibility, improved back and neck, improved digestion, improved sleep, a glowing and rejuvenating skin to name a few.

You get a guidance on Diet and the routine to follow after the program ends to manage the lost kilos. this program requires no prior exposure to yoga.