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Proper Breathing

Many people get tired very quickly and easily. They are totally unaware of the fact that the fatigue is caused due to the lack of oxygen in the lungs which is the result of improper breathing. Only a portion of the lungs capacity is being used. The ribcage is barely open. 

The best way to breathe is to expand the ribcage fully as you inhale deeply and slowly, take the breath to your abdomen, abdomen bulges out which ensures that the lowest and largest part of the lungs get to breathe in every inhale. While you exhale, squeeze the abdomen and the ribcage. This type of breathing is called the deep abdominal breathing. In this type of breathing, the proper use of Diaphragm is made. Abdomen should expand as you inhale and contract as you exhale. Breathe in and out slowly.

As an example, try this whenever you climb the staircse. Inhale as you climb the first two steps and exhale on the next two. In this manner, climbing up becomes very easy without huffing and puffing. You expel more carbondioxide and breathe in a lot of oxygen which keeps the fatigue away.

Remember, with this deep breathing, one can overcome fatigue, depression, tension, headaches and other illnesses. To improve the quality and length of your life, breathe like a tortoise not like a rabbit!