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Yogalife  located in the heart of Delhi had its humble beginning on April 1, 2010. It was set up with the aim to promote health by rejuvenating the mind and body, thus showing the way to a peaceful and stress-free life. Here students are given a very friendly and a comfortable environment for practicing yoga. Every student receives personalized attention. We have regular yoga classes and workshops.

I am a postgraduate in mathematics and UGC-CSIR qualified. I have worked as a lecturer in maths for more than 10 years before I started teaching yoga. I did the international yoga teachers training course from the Sivananda ashram, Neyyar dam, Kerala. I am a mother of two boys who are 13 and 22 years old. My whole family is into yoga and fitness including my husband who is an IPS officer. Despite his busy schedule, he finds time for yoga. I believe that Yoga is a never ending awakening of deeper and deeper levels of personal potential in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. I emphasize on deep breathing as a very important part of the practice. I have profound inclination towards advanced yoga postures.

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I started practicing Sivananda Yoga under the guidance of Ms Smita Agrawal at Yogalife since April 2014. I quickly found the benefits of regular practice and the constant encouragement from my teacher made me go for the Teacher’s Training Course to  Neyyar Dam, Kerala in March-April 2016. I am a Ayush certified yoga teacher. ​I am a musician by profession. When we practice, perform or record music, we have to often sit or stand at one place for long periods of time. Yoga offers the perfect balance to sedentariness by emphasising stretching, deep movements through proper breathing, and relaxation. I also enjoy swimming, photography and travel​.



I did my Yoga Teacher’s Training course from Neyyar Dam, Kerala in March 2016. I am a Ayush certified yoga teacher. To me yoga is not just about practising asanas. It not just touches the physical aspect of our personality but reaches to the depths of our inner being. This realization goes on increasing as I practice yoga each day. IT consultant by profession, and a yoga enthusiast and a teacher by interest, I firmly believe that yoga is need of the hour for each one of us. Having experienced the ups and downs of daily life - there arose a strong need of finding the right balance in life and yoga was the solution. It's been more than two years since the priceless gift of yoga came into my life and since then it has been helping me in attaining a right harmony amidst the vicissitudes of life. Having experienced the benefits of yoga myself, I strongly feel the need to share what I have learnt.



 I have been teaching Yoga for the last ten years. I am a post graduate in Yoga and an internationally certified Sivananda yoga teacher. I believe in simple living and high thinking.  I live yoga.  Yoga for me is not limiting myself to only one aspect of it but to live yoga as whole. I have volunteered with various yoga schools across the North of India.  I love to teach and learn. I love life and try to stay as positive as I can.